Term Category Description Note
129 Genetics an inbred stain of mice for laboratory use
alelle Genetics a variant of a gene located on a specific location on a chromosome Diploid organisms like us have two alelles for each gene.
CAG Gene CMV-IE enhancer,chicken beta-Actin, rabbit beta-Globin Artificial gene promoter sequence; Constitutive active, nearly ubuiquitous expression
call when a base in DNA sequence is determined, a base is "called"; this is a traditional way in the field of DNA sequencing as in "base calling", "SNP calling", ...
C57BL/6 Genetics an inbred strain of mice for laboratory use pronouced as C-57-Black6; also written as BL6 or B6
CD45 Immunology CD45 antigen detected on the surface of a type of leukocytes CD45+ means CD45 positive
ChIP-seq Genomics Chromosomal Immuno-Precipitation sequencing
chromosome Genetics chr in short
CNV Genomics Copy Number Variation
dbSNP Genomics Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Database
ES Stem cell Embryonic Stem as in "ES cell"
F1 Genetics 1st generation of offsprings resulting from a cross between distinct genotypes 1st Fillial generation
FISH Genetics Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
FPKM Bioinformatics Fragments Per Kilobase of exon per Million reads
GFP Gene Green Fluorescent Protein EGFP is an Enhanced version of GFP created by Clontech Inc.
INDELs Genomics INsertions and DELetions
NGS Genomics Next Genration Sequencer
RNA-seq Genomics
SNP Genomics Single Nucleotide Polymorphism SNV that is observed at some frequency in a population
SNV Genomics Single Nucleotide Variant/Variation
STAP Stem cell Stimulus Triggered Aquisition of Pluripotency The original papers have been retracted. It should not be used in scientific literatures.
TCR Immunology T-Cell Receptor The genomic region of TCR is rearranged when the T-cell is differenciated.
Tg Genetics Transgenic as in "Tg mouse", etc.

These are software names: BWA, IGV