Algorithmic Puzzles

Anany Levitin, Maria Levitin 著

内容が豊富そうだったので、Kindle版(2000円ぐらい)を買いました。翻訳もあります:「アルゴリズムパズル ―プログラマのための数学パズル入門」



問題リスト 練習パズル Magic Square The n-Queens Problem Celebrity Problem Number Guessing (Twenty Questions) Tromino Puzzle Anagram Detection Cash Envelopes Two Jealous Husbands Guarini's Puzzle Optimal Pie Cutting Non-Attacking Kings Bridge Crossing at Night Lemonade Stand Placement Positive Changes Shortest Path Counting Chess Invention Square Build-Up Tower of Hanoi Domino Tiling of Deficient Chessboards The Königsberg Bridges Problem Breaking a Chocolate Bar Chickens in the Corn 難易度 低 A Wolf, a Goat, and a Cabbage Glove Selection Rectangle Dissection Ferrying Soldiers Row and Column Exchanges Predicting a Finger Count Bridge Crossing at Night Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly Mental Arithmetic A Fake Among Eight Coins A Stack of Fake Coins Questionable Tiling Blocked Paths Chessboard Reassembly Tromino Tilings Making Pancakes A King's Reach A Corner-to-Corner Journey Page Numbering Maximum Sum Descent Square Dissection Team Ordering Polish National Flag Problem Chessboard Colorings The Best Time to Be Alive Find the Rank The Icosian Game Figure Tracing Magic Square Revisited Cutting a Stick The Three Pile Trick Single-Elimination Tournament Magic and Pseudo-Magic Coins on a Star Three Jugs Limited Diversity 2n-Counters Problem Tetromino Tiling Board Walks Four Alternating Knights The Circle of Lights The Other Wolf-Goat-Cabbage Puzzle Number Placement Lighter or Heavier? A Knight's Shortest Path Tricolor Arrangement Exhibition Planning McNugget Numbers Missionaries and Cannibals Last Ball 難易度 中 Missing Number Counting Triangles Fake-Coin Detection with a Spring Scale Cutting a Rectangular Board Odometer Puzzle Lining Up Recruits Fibonacci's Rabbits Problem Sorting Once, Sorting Twice Hats of Two Colors Squaring a Coin Triangle Checkers on a Diagonal Picking Up Coins Pluses and Minuses Creating Octagons Code Guessing Remaining Number Averaging Down Digit Sum Chips on Sectors Jumping into Pairs I Marking Cells I Marking Cells II Rooster Chase Site Selection Gas Station Inspections Efficient Rook Searching for a Pattern Straight Tromino Tiling Locker Doors The Prince's Tour Celebrity Problem Revisited Heads Up Restricted Tower of Hanoi Pancake Sorting Rumor Spreading I Rumor Spreading II Upside-Down Glasses Toads and Frogs Counter Exchange Seating Rearrangements Horizontal and Vertical Dominoes Trapezoid Tiling Hitting a Battleship Searching a Sorted Table Max-Min Weights Tiling a Staircase Region The Game of Topswops Palindrome Counting Reversal of Sort A Knight's Reach Room Painting The Monkey and the Coconuts Jumping to the Other Side Pile Splitting The MU Puzzle Turning on a Light Bulb The Fox and the Hare The Longest Route Double-n Dominoes The Chameleons 難易度 高 Inverting a Coin Triangle Domino Tiling Revisited Coin Removal Crossing Dots Bachet's Weights Bye Counting One-Dimensional Solitaire Six Knights Colored Tromino Tiling Penny Distribution Machine Super-Egg Testing Parliament Pacification Dutch National Flag Problem Chain Cutting Sorting Dividing a Cake Fairly The Knight's Tour Security Switches Reve's Puzzle Poisoned Wine Tait's Counter Puzzle The Solitaire Army The Game of Life Point Coloring Different Pairings Catching a Spy Jumping into Pairs II Candy Sharing King Arthur's Round Table The n-Queens Problem Revisited The Josephus Problem Twelve Coins Infected Chessboard Killing Squares The Fifteen Puzzle Hitting a Moving Target Hats with Numbers One Coin for Freedom Pebble Spreading Bulgarian Solitaire